Lawn Sod

We carry a full line of Pacific Sod materials, they are California's first and finest sod growers. The quality of sod is guaranteed for one year (Some restrictions apply). For beauty and toughness, choose from one of Pacific Sod's trusted Medallion varieties and the ever popular no mow fine fescue grass.

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Types of Sod

Below are samples of the types of sod we have available. 

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Medallion is an exclusive blend of top-rated tall fescues providing a versatile turf with year-round color. An excellent lawn for home and commercial land scapes. Medallion combines shade tolerance with good drought and disease resistance. Leaf blades are slightly coarser than bluegrass.

Medallion Plus

Medallion Plus closely resembles Medallion in its general form, but exhibits better wear tolerance. With 10% bluegrass added, Medallion Plus can repair minor damage to the lawn. It remains green all year and is recommended for "Beauty Plus Endurance!"

Medallion Dwarf

A unique variety of dwarf fescue, Bonsai provides slow, low growing and dark green lawn. Bonsai surpasses virtually all other dwarf tall fescues available today. An outstanding, fine textured turf for home or commercial landscapes, Medallion Dwarf with Bonsai exhibits good disease resistance and shade tolerance.

No Mow

No Mow Fine Fescue Blend combines the strengths of three fine fescues for outstanding performance on both slope and shade areas. No Mow creates a wavy dunes or meadow effect when left unmowed. No Mow performs best in moderate shade conditions, but may be used in cooler climates with full sun.


PennBlue is a beautiful custom blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass, providing a dense, lush lawn that performs well in cooler seasons and climates. The added Perennial Ryegrass also gives the turf better resistance to shade and disease. Great for model home yards or higher elevations.

PennBlue SportsTurf

PennBlue SportsTurf is a versatile blend of Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass developed specifically for sports field applications in cooler Northern California climates. Ryegrass gives a more lush appearance in the cooler seasons of the year, and performs better than straight Kentucky bluegrass lawns.


Legendary golfer Greg Norman's signature hybrid bermudagrass, GN-1is used primarily for athletic surfaces, parks and golf courses, but is also suitable for a home lawn. With good winter color and wear recovery, this dark green, medium textured hybrid bermudagrass is fast becoming the new standard for sports fields

Tifway 419

An improved hybrid bermuda with excellent wear tolerance, Tifway 419 is an excellent choice for high traffic areas. With a fine texture, Tifway provides a dense turf capable of handling the stress of professional sports turf and the demands of golf course fairways and tees.


St. Augustine is dark green in color with a low, creeping growth habit. Sunclipse has a coarse texture and a spongy feel when walked upon. Sunclipse is highly resistant to damage from foot traffic, disease and insects. St. Augustine tolerates heavy shade better than any other standard cool or warm season sod variety.