Drought Tolerant Plants

We have a wide variety of Water Wise or Drought Tolerant Plants that once established, will do well with low water requirements. To ensure a greater success in establishing your new Drought Tolerant plantings we advise that you follow our recommendations on proper watering procedures.

Watering Procedures

Though the first couple of weeks is the most important to getting your water wise plants established, It will take up to a year to become deeply rooted. So be patient and enjoy the different change of seasons with your plants. Take time to get to know your plants flowering periods and what sort of nature it may attract. You never know how many butterflies and humming birds may now come by and visit. All these plants will do good in a dry area situation. Having Drought Tolerant Plants in your garden means your garden will look nice if the rains come or the drought continues. 

Below are examples of some of the water wise plants we carry.

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